Sentinel 1 view of Antartica on 26 February 2017


Sentinel 2 view of the Kaliningrad area on 22 June 2016


Sentinel 3 view of the North Adriatic Sea on Jannuary 21 2017

The 8th workshop will focus on the contribution of the remote sensing to the monitoring of the terrestrial and marine ecosystem status and its variability in the coastal zone of the European Seas. The program includes:

  • Sentinels Data Exploitation to monitor the status of the coastal zone environment
  • Remote Sensing of marginal Seas and coastal zone
  • Remote Sensing of inland waters
  • Land-Sea Interaction
  • New technologies and in situ measurements
  • Impact of varying physical forcing on morphodynamics and ecosystems
  • Role of Coastal Zone Management in adapting to climate change
  • Optical properties of CDOM and aquatic microorganisms